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Fiduciary Investors Symposium

MAY 20-22, 2019

Blue Mountains, NSW

Dislocation: The End of Goldilocks Economy and The Rise of the Strong Men

Political cohesion and stability can no longer be relied upon as politics becomes inward looking with everything from trade deals to central bank swap lines being renegotiated or cancelled altogether.

Global coordinated central bank action. The era of global coordinated monetary policy which we’ve been experiencing since the GFC, especially with the three largest players (ECB, Fed, and BoJ), will be looked back upon with nostalgia by the current clutch of central bankers who muddy the halls of power. Policy will increasingly be driven with greater sensitivity to nationalist rather than international concerns.

Liquidity in the financial system which has stemmed from easing monetary policy is already contracting. In a world where derivatives traverse borders, connecting financial systems like never before, a liquidity crisis presents an enormous tail risk in a leveraged world.

Please note attendance to this event is open to institutional investors, chairs of investment committees and specialist consultants.


The organisation of the conference was excellent and allowed for people
to meet and mingle. The openness of the presenters and panel was great as well.

Megan ChanSenior investment manager, unlisted assets and alternatives, State Super

Content was very topical and speaker line-up was great

John LuceyChief investment officer, Avant

An opportunity to hear real, unfiltered perspectives from a range of participants.

Tim MacreadyChief investment officer, Christian Super

Getting away and taking the time to think about and discuss some
of these issues with peers.

Denise AllenTrustee director, chair investment committee, AvSuper


Competition rises among private lenders as banks exit

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The gradual exit of banks from business lending due to increased global financial regulation is driving attractive opportunities in private credit, but increased competition among non-bank lenders is causing looser covenants and higher leverage, according to Justin Ferrier, managing director, Asian private credit, at global asset manager BlackRock.

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