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Fiduciary Investors Symposium Digital

April 28-29, 2021

Online digital conference

Investing for the long term as a fiduciary is complicated, and never more so than the current environment where regulatory and economic paradigm shifts aim to mitigate the health risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic. This conference explores the significant changes present and anticipated as society experiences an unprecedented change in social behaviour, investor confidence and capital allocation.

The symposium will run as a completely online, digital experience across two days, broken into morning and afternoon sessions.

We welcome chief investment officers and their direct reports, investment committee chairs, and consultants; as well as licensees and financial planners to join the conversation.

Registration fees are outlined on the registration page of the event website.

Key Speakers





Good combination of topics while covering lots of ground in an efficient manner

Carole Comerton-FordeProfessor of finance, University of New South Wales

A fresh intake of current thoughts and ideas

James CookChief Investment Officer, U Ethical

Getting a sense of how peers view the world, both in terms of governance and strategy

Nick WhiteGlobal strategic research director; global director of portfolio construction research, Mercer

A snapshot of what the industry is thinking about

Geoff WarrenAssociate professor, Australian National University

Speakers which were willing to challenge the status-quo

Martin Hickling,Investment specialist, Lawcover Insurance

The breath of coverage

Peter KazacosDirector, LGIA Super


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